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Hand made ceramic skulls just in time for Halloween 
Each skull is individually sculpted by hand giving each skull a different character and no skull is identical to the other. 
Each of the skulls are glazed and stamped by the artist - Mark Ciavola 

The skull can be either sat on its base or if you prefer for added dramatic Halloween effect it can be hung using a fishing line nylon string making the skull seem as if it is floating in thin air.

The skulls are approximately the size of a tennis ball 

Grab your self these limited edition skulls purposely done for Halloween but a perfect curiosity to collect and have lying around at home

Hanging Hand Made Ceramic Skull

Skull colour
  • Hand sculpted Ceramic Skull in high fired earthen ware decorated with engobes and silky matt Glaze 

    Each skull has a small hole at the top of the cranuim to enable a nylon wire to hang the skull creating the illusion that the skull is spookily hovering in thin air.

    Grab one of these skulls for haloween or simply to have as a curious decoration around your home.