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Vegan Cups 
Size : small ( Flat White size  ) 
A series of cups celebrating vegans with a strong Vegan message claiming that no animals where exploited to make the brew being contained in the cup 
A subtle but significant little message imprinted in the clay making that cup unique and special for the owner of the cup 
The cups come in two sizes in height according to what drink you wish to serve : 
6.5cm in height normally ideal to serve herbal teas or flat whites with oat milk which is our favourite here at the pottery or the taller ones at 8.5cm perfect for those long black coffees or the more  serious tea drinker 
The cups are all hand thrown on site at the Potters Thumb pottery witnessed by the passers by at the pottery window on Grand Parade , Brighton .
All of the pottery made at Potters Thumb is dishwasher safe and microwave proof.
The lovely bespoke smashed apple glaze gives subtle hues of green making more of a statement with references to vegan plant power leaving the exposed dark clay body on the outside creating a strong contrast for the imprimnted message

No Udder Milk - Cup