Fun Pottery Home Pack

Create a lovely cup or bowl!


With easy to follow pottery instructions, this fun pack can be ordered online and received by post to your home address.


A video link to help you follow the instructions is also included ðŸ‘


Kill your boredom and unleash your inner potter in the comfort of your own home.

  • ideal project to do with kids at home as an arts and crafts home schooling task or just for fun.
  • an engaging and creative mental wellbeing project to take your mind off things while in isolation


How it works:

When you complete the bowl or cup following the instructions provided, follow the advice we are offering to ensure safe packing and post it back to us. We will then complete the process by firing your unique creations twice in our kilns .


First firing " Bisque" to vitrify, fired up to 1000 degrees  

Second white glaze firing, up to 1130 degrees


The finished cup or bowl will be then posted back to you to enjoy and appreciate your hand made creation. 



  • Packing material
  • Printed instructions
  • Reuse the postage box  - please open the box carefully to reuse the same box to post back
  • 300g earthenware clay
  • Link to video tutorial


The packages will be priced at £25 each including materials, instructions and postage x 2 


* Postage to the pottery is not included, all postage costs sending out of the pottery (receiving back your cup/bowl) is included in the price.


Pottery Home Pack


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