Covid - 19

Supporting the Pottery during these difficult days

If you wish to support Potters Thumb you can do so by

  • Purchasing practice vouchers to be redeemed when all this blows over — we are hoping it will be over soon
  • Commission us for that someone special, gift for a loved one or why not for yourself

Thank you for all your support and cant wait to the re opening of the pottery to the public after this pandemic is over, until then stay safe, keep washing your hands and stay home watching lots of ceramics vids and reading pottery books.


Wheel Rental voucher - 6hrs

We are opening our pottery doors for those who already have some experience working on the potters wheel and invite you to come and practice by renting out our potters wheels by the hour at a reasonable cost.


By purchasing a £55 voucher you will be eligible for up to 6hrs of practice time on the potters wheel.

The wheel rental time can be divided into separate 6 hourly sections to spread according to your availability to be at the pottery.

The voucher purchase rewards you with added value reducing the hourly rental rate down to just over £9/Hr as to the standard hourly rate of £12.

The vouchers are valid until January 2021.



    This is not a tuition service and only a wheel rental service — although we will possibly still give out some advice if you are struggling this is at the potters own good will and discretion



    - Potters Wheel bookable by the hour allowing a 15 min clean up time after the booked time to clean up the wheel etc leaving the wheel and other areas you would have used to be cleaned up ready for the next customer


    - The house clay used at the pottery will be available for your wheel session to be weighed and priced before being fired in the kiln @ £8/kilo for the first firing if you wish to keep what you created.


    - Throwing tools - ideally you will have your own as a budding potter starting your own collection of tools alternatively we do have throwing starter tools available for £10 available at the shop/pottery


    - Cups of tea are always available and you will have access to the kettle and tea bags to make your own and why not brew a pot for the potters




    - Face mask

    - Your own towel to protect you from splashes of clay when on the wheel

    - Hand towel to dry your hands

    - Patience

    - Your potting skills

    Wheel Rental voucher - 6hrs 🎁


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