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Image by Taylor Heery


The Studio

Potters Thumb is a pottery studio based at the White Building in Hackney Wick. Founded by Mark Ciavola 6 years ago and originally based in Brighton, our new home in London is a fully functional, multi-use studio space offering 5 potters wheels, a pug mill, handbuilding facilities and kiln services. Here we hold various workshops and offer studio memberships for London based ceramicists. You can find out out more about these under classes and memberships.

Wanting to spread his love for ceramics, Mark founded Potters Thumb to make his work available to all those who appreciate hand thrown and hand made ceramic sculptures. With the new facilities, Potters Thumb can now also share the joy of clay work with others - whether you're a novice looking to get your hands mucky in one of our introductory classes, or a practiced ceramicist looking for a studio space to call home. Potters Thumb can offer something for everyone.


Aside from this, Potters Thumb has also worked on the development of 'Glass Porcelain', a unique method for making clay that closes the loop on single use glass within the hospitality industry. [explain more]. This is then used to create crockery for a variety of clients across the industry. 

Commissioned by

Potters Thumb works with chefs and restaurant owners directly to create beautifully tailored handmade crockery that can be found in locations across London, the rest of the UK and Overseas. 

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