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The Team

A little bit about us...

Mark Ciavola


Clay runs through Mark's veins. Growing up in Malta, Mark's mother introduced him to ceramics and was a major influence in his love for the mesmerising craft.

Eventually, Mark moved to the UK to master new techniques and skills under the guidance of potters such as Phil Rogers, Michael Casson and Terry and Beverly Bell-Hughes amongst others. He then furthered his studies at Harrogate College and Cardiff institute for higher education.

Mark has since been involved in various projects that capture his creativity, such as stop motion animation, illustration and mostly teaching art and ceramics up to BTEC National Diploma level at MCAST in Malta.

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Eddy Tejada

Studio Manager

Originally trained as a Chef, Ed previously worked at Silo - a restaurant supplied by Potters Thumb - where his passion for nature and sustainability flourished. When Ed met Mark at the Brighton studio he also fell in love with ceramics and went on to complete several courses at various London pottery studios. Now he works as the Studio Manager of Potters Thumb while he develops and fine tunes his skills in order to commit to being a full time ceramicist.

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