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  • How do memberships work?
    At Potter's thumb we provide you with monthly memberships starting at £150. A monthly membership will give you access to the studio for up to 15 hours a week and includes access to facilities, as well as bisque and glaze firings. These firings will be communal and will run usually once a week. Guidenced offered. Note these are not classes
  • What are the prices for memberships?
    Our memberships start at £150 for hand builders and £185 for wheel throwers. We provide members with storage space for their ongoing work, but will also make available additional storage space for an added fee per month. Clay is available to buy per 12.5kg bag at bulk price.
  • What is inculded in a membership?
    Included with your membership you will have access to a sculpting space or a wheel for 15 hours per week, as well as studio tools and a personal shelf for storing ongoing works. You will also have a limited access to some glazes - up to 30L. However, we strongly advise members to bring their own tools and aprons to the studio.
  • What kind of clay is used and how is it fired?
    At the studio we currently only supply high fired Earthenware (i.e. chocolate black). We do regular, managed firings of 800/900C and max 1120C.
  • Why is Potters Thumb set up for part time use?
    Potters thumb is set up for part-time use. This is how we keep costs down for everyone, because this way we can all get the cost benefits of hot-desking and equipment sharing. If we had full-time potters in the space it would tie up the facilities and it would give less value to our part-time members. For this reason, the maximum time a member can use in a week is 15 hours. We don’t expect that all our members will want to use the studio as much as this. But even if you used it for less than half of that time, you still get great value from our facilities. If you come for 5 hours a week, for example, £185 a month still works out at around £9 an hour, compared to the £12 an hour of limited access you might get at other studios.
  • Do you do provide international shipping?
    Yes, we do provide international shipping through royal mail.
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