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Image by Karen Maes


At Potter's thumb we provide you with monthly memberships starting at £150. A monthly membership will give you access to the studio for up to 15 hours studio time a week as well as bisque and glaze firings. These firings will be communal and will run usually once a week.


The studios will not be open until 15/01/22. When purchasing a Membership Plan please set this as the starting date to avoid overpayment. 

Our memberships start at £150 for hand builders and £185 for wheel throwers. We have available additional storage space as an add on per month. Clay is available to buy per 12.5kg bag at bulk price. Please contact us, or speak to the studio manager in house, if you wish to purchase add ons or materials. 

Included with your membership you will have access to a sculpting space or a wheel as well as studio tools and a personal shelf for you to store your pieces on. You have glazes to your disposal too to use freely within reason ,up to 30L. however it is advised you bring in your own tools and aprons for your own benefit.

At the studio we currently only supply high fired Earthenware ei, chocolate black. And do firings of 800/900C and max 1120C.

What's Included


  • Handbuilding Member

    Every month
    A membership for ceramicists looking to do handbuilding only
    • 15 Hours studio time per week
    • Storage Space
    • Access to all handbuilding facilities
    • Access to kiln services
  • Wheelthrowing Member

    Every month
    Perfect for people with wheel throwing experience
    • 15 Hours studio time per week
    • Storage space
    • Access to wheelthrowing facilities
    • Access to the kiln
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