Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

Beginner's Kintsugi - mending broken pottery
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Kintsugi is the general Japanese concept of highlighting or emphasizing imperfections that comes from the wabi-sabi philosophy of embracing the flawed or imperfect. In this class we will discover this wonderful Japanese art in which you make something broken more valuable by adding gold to it, learning the history behind the original materials used for centuries, and finally by making something broken whole again with modern instruments.


In this class, you will learn some of the basic techniques using modern materials such as epoxy glue and putty. We will explain where you can get the materials. You can buy almost all materials in local stores such as Cass Art - Islington.
At the end of the class you will have your own piece of art to bring home and the knowledge on how to apply this technique in your daily life.

Our Guest artist leading the Kintsugi class at Potters Thumb is Alice. Alice is an Italian mixed media artist that started her journey through art in watercolour and ended up using anything that she came across with. From acrylics to oils, to texturized work and collage, she never stops creating.

A big supporter of the philosophy that broken things have more value than pristine ones and being also an incredibly clumsy person, she approached Kintsugi as a way of saving the countless items she (or her cat) dropped around, ending up with a variety of gold veined items she now displays in her house.

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